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Some people will go to extreme lengths when deciding to update the fixtures and fittings of their home. But, before you start discarding furniture and replacing it with items that in time will become just as outdated, take stock of what you have and adapt it. Turn something old into something new.

Boring furniture will look amazing if you have even the slightest amount of DIY experience and a little bit of imagination.


Glass is one of those rare materials that be can used for countless objects, in any room in the house, but seldom is and it can create the illusion of space, making rooms appear larger and airier than they actually are. Here are just a few suggestions where you can improve the appearance and the overall feeling, just by updating using glass:

  • worktops
  • benches
  • shower doors
  • shower screens
  • bath screens
  • splashboards
  • shelving
  • cabinets
  • internal doors
  • dining table tops
  • coffee table tops

There are many other options open to adapting, and in many cases, you will be adding value to your property.

Glass tops look great in any home, be it vintage or traditional. As kitchen worktops, they are easy maintenance with little fear of wine or food staining the surfaces. Adding glass splashbacks, as a choice over traditional tiles, removes the need for grout, making it more hygienic.

If your current dining room table is made of wood, consider replacing the table-top with glass. It’s not a difficult job and the styles are numerous. The unique approach of old and new, mixing the traditional wood with glass adds a touch of class to dining. Similar to dining tables, coffee tables can be adapted to suit your requirements.

Continue the theme throughout the living room with glass displays and shelving instead of the standard wooden bookcases or adopt a more contemporary theme by mixing materials. The effect can be quite effective and stunning.

Throughout the home, with a little imagination, furniture can be adapted and items added such as glass shelves or doors, allowing the free flow of light that in turn appears to offer the illusion of more space. Adding glass screens to a bath or shower, eliminates the claustrophobic feeling and opens up the smallest room in the house.

The selection of shapes, sizes and styles of glass that’s available can add that distinct touch to just about everything. Some include:

  • tinted
  • coloured
  • smoked
  • frosted
  • round
  • oval
  • square
  • octagonal


Or perhaps you require a specific style that can be custom made.

The repairing of scratched, cracked or chipped glass might be a consideration but there are countless ways and means to repair the damage, some of them you may able to undertake yourself, however, a glass specialist is always the best option. They’re also able to give a valued opinion of the best option, to repair or replace.